Abhiram Reddy

this is Abhiram

I'm a Programmer by Passion

and every Saturday I write an article on what I Experimented over the week

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My love for Computers made me a Programmer, I'm always excited to Learn new things in whatever I do, rather than making things with code, I'm keenly interested about how things work under the hood and this way I Learn, Explore, Research and get the best Solution possible

My friends say I'm always Happy, Helpful & Motivating


Web Performance
App Development


🚀 Web Performance
World's Fastest Blog

I started my Blog matrixread.com to document my journey as a developer, and soon I was on a mission to Deliver Secure, Fast, Optimized, and Accessible Content Free to Everyone. All the optimization and techniques that I used are open-source and can be used to improve the performance and accessibility of any website

🤖 Automation
The Selenium Project

Bots made using Selenium and Python to perform boring tasks by using Selenium to automate them. In this project, I made bots to visit sites, fill forms, and to collect Fake Profile data across a professional platform like LinkedIn


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