Hello, I’m Abhiram.
Web Developer

I'd love to build and optimize projects efficiently, so that we leverage the best of cutting-edge tech we have today.
Think Different.

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
Algorithm & Data Structure Developer Intern
OpenGenus Foundation
Dec 2018 - Mar 2019
Android Developer Intern


I get to work on amazing things, with amazing people. I learn, explore, research to get the best solution approach. I'm Consitent & Grateful for the oppurtunities that can create an impact.

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Matrixread Blog

Unique, Custom coded theme, Capable of handling [10,000] Users/Min, Super Optimized WordPress Blog, [17000+] visitors from 68 countries, GTMerix Pagespeed [99/100], Lighthouse Audit [95-100]

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Matrixread Blog
The Selenium Project

The Selenium Project

Bots made using Selenium and Python to perform boring tasks by using Selenium to automate them. In this project, I made bots to visit sites, fill forms, and to collect Fake Profile data across a professional platform like LinkedIn.

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